Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Running While Pregnant

My relationship with running started 1 year ago and in this year we learned to be inseparable. I did about 5 10km races i did 3 1/2 Marathons i did 3 10 mile race and 1 race of 27.5 km.
Every race was better than the previous one time wise. I was able to run a 10k in 41 min and the last race was my 1/2 marathon where i finished with a time of 1 h 30 and won the race. I was training for the Rotterdam marathon but that exact next day after the 1/2 i took a pregnancy test and was positive.

I was and still super excised but mentally i feel i am enable to run anymore. My family keep repeating "Don't Run" maybe because they don't know how it feels to take away that relationship. I have to wait another week before i see a doctor and be sure that everything is ok and i could just run on a lower pace.

if all goes well i will try to switch my full marathon race by 10 km, and that is in 10 days.  I miss just go out there and running my heart out and feel every step i take,
I hope i get the doctor blessing so i can keep running....

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