Saturday, March 27, 2010

My dream of running a first Marathon has to be postponed to another year

I figure out i am not as passionate about writing my daily life as much as running.
March 14 st just finished a great 1/2 marathon and my love for running keep increasing. The love of racing and pushing myself to the next level it is not something i can help. I already signed up for 10 km on April 5th and running the Rotterdam Marathon on April 11th.
I was looking forward so much to the Marathon, I really wanted to do it in Sub 3:30 even though i know i have  like 3:10 in my legs.

The News was shocking(combination of Happiness and sadness) when i just realized i am pregnant. YEAH I AM PREGNANT!! It is too early yet to tell everyone and a long way is ahead of me. I am so happy to be pregnant Mr R and I have been wanting kids for a while. I am extremely happy from one side but from the other side i was so looking to run my 1st Marathong which is 15 days away. MY hard workout for the marathon went in vain...Dont get me wrong no workout goes in vain but i was so dedicated to my running, focused and determined . Now i am scared to do anything. the 10 km Race which will take place  next week i am even scared to run it. I dont think I will...

I think i have to wait until i see the midwife and give me her blessings and reassure me that running while pregnant is not a problem. My body is already changing,  i lost my flat AbS and i can feel i am SO Pregnant.

I am so happy and I really hope i can keep running all through pregnancy. I read so many other blogs about women running and pregnant. They are all doing OK and no one had issues.

I have signed up to few races end of April and May , i would be so happy if i could still run those races and finish with a bump on my belly. Running for 2 should be an interesting journey!

My dream of running a first Marathon has to be postponed to another year. 


  1. what insignificant is a marathon compared to what you are really going for! congrats and enjoy your pregancy!

  2. Thank you!! I am really happy and you are right but you have no idea how well trained I am and ready for that race!!! I guess it have to just wait a little bit :) I will come back to it :)