Wednesday, May 28, 2014

12 weeks PostPregnancy

Wow! Time flies and I haven't found the time to blog!
Today my little princess turned 12 weeks!! Yes 3 months old!
I am sitting here going back to 12 weeks ago when I went on a 7 km run at 37 weeks pregnant.

 I was already on maternity leave. I still remember I had a great run! I didn't stop I felt strong. 

I posted this on Instagram:

2 Days Before Giving Birth!

The Next day I woke up and I felt not so great! I had a pain in my belly but it didn't feel like contractions. I asked my hubby to take me to the hospital just to be sure that everything is ok. After few checks the doctor said there is nothing and that everything is OK. He said that what I was feeling was just pre contractions and I shouldn't worry. I came home and still convinced that this is not my day! I did some grocery , cooked and picked my son from the daycare on the bike.
After dinner usually I go shower my boy and read a book for him but today was not the day! I felt my whole middle body acting funny and getting painful. I remember posting this on IG:

I was not yet 38 weeks!!
Around 11:00 pm I called my neighbour and asked her if my son can sleep at her place and asked my hubby to drive me back to the hospital. I told him to pack his stuff bring the car seat camera etc... but he refused to believe that he will be meeting his little princess in few hours. I packed my stuff and for clothes for the baby and we headed to the hospital. Sure enough I was in Labor and it was matters of hours before we meet our little Angel.

This is my beautiful Gaelle!

After experiencing a C-section with my son, I got to experience a natural birth with my daughter and I honestly can't explain what an amazing feeling! you feel that special bound of motherhood.
Everything went so smooth and 2 hours later I was already home and 3 days later I was already out of the house and not even 2 weeks later I was already jogging!

Running after giving Birth
I read and heard all kind of stories concerning running after giving birth. This time I ignored everything I decided to listen to my body and go with the flow. First few runs were run/walk/run I kept doing it until I felt comfortable to run without the need to stop.

Today at 3 months Post Pregnancy I run the following races and I am feeling stronger day after day!

RokjesdagLoop (5k) 6/04 21'23 (5 weeks Post Pregnancy)
ZomerAvondCup (5k) 15/4 20'45 (6 weeks Post Pregnancy)
ISF International (HM) Beirut 27/4 1:36:59 (8 weeks post Pregnancy)
Beirut Womens Run (10k) 4/5/2014  44'09 (9 weeks post Pregnancy)
Leiden Marathon (HM) 18/5 1:35:17 (11 weeks post Pregnancy)
ZomerAvondCup (5k) 21/5 20:25 (11 weeks post Pregnancy)

De Loop Van Leidcherijn (7.5k) 29/5 31:09(12 weeks post Pregnancy)

They say you need 9 months to get back in shape, as of today I am almost there, few kg to go but not too worried about it! Life is quiet busy with 2 kids/hubby/work/running/friends  but still managing to jungle everything together :)

This is Gaelle at 3 months old the little Love of my life!

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