Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Who will become the running King (or Queen) of the Netherlands? 

Hexagonal tile is the first running game where runners can compete on an interactive map with the number of kilometers they run. The Netherlands is divided into 3000 hexagonal tiles and each tile has its own ranking list.

How does it work?
Tiles, Position and Points are displayed on the screen is a free app where runners can manage almost everything they need from training to planning races to statistics and much more. It is possible to become a member PLUS by paying a small fee and this gives advantage to the runner to have a custom training depending on what is his next goal. If you are a runner and don’t have an account yet it's time to make one, I really recommend it.

To make running more fun, exciting and encourage people to run more since january 2014 has linked the running game ( to their app. This means whenever you run with any GPS device and you import your route to, the running game will automatically calculate and display the tiles and the kms as well as the ranking of every tile you run over.

Each tile has its own ranking and for every km run, it counts for 1 point. The male/female runner of every tile is crowned as King/Queen of that tile. At the end of every month all scores from points to tiles to rankings are being reset in order to give every runner a new chance to be crowned King or Queen on a tile.

“ As per January I started playing the running game, I was 30 weeks pregnant, I became hooked and wanted not only be the Queen of the tile but also lead the overall ranking of 2 tiles where I usually run, despite being pregnant. I got all enthusiastic and I surely reached my goal” 

You want to be part of a fun challenge and be crowned the King or Queen of 1 or more tiles or piss off your neighbor or friend and steal the crown from them?

Go lace those shoes up and hit the road !!

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