Sunday, August 15, 2010

Being a Mother in the Netherlands

     Become a mother while living in the Netherlands i find it one of the most beautiful things. Too many advantages this country offers.

1)  As an IT consultant you would think asking for part time means being fired at least in the US world. Well last week i asked if that is possible and there was no hesitation. At least here once you have a contract they can't just fire you or say sorry we don't support your needs. One of my good friend in the US had to quit her job since her company refused to let her work 80 % which is 4 days a week.

2) When i am at work and not feeling good it is my right to just go home and relax. I dont have to use my vacation hours or being unpaid for the sick days. isn't that wonderful!!!

3)One of the most beautiful things to be a mother in the Netherlands is the biking with kids. I always had a nice mountain bike or a road bike. For my Birthday my husband bought me the " MAMA FIETS" a bike for mothers...

I love my new bike and i cant wait to put my little one on it. I think it is amazing. the Creche where my little one will go to it is few km away from my house. How cool would that be to drop the baby at the creche while biking.... I wont install the rear seat yet but i have the option to have the baby car seat  installed on my bike... So really i dont have to wait until my kid is old enough to sit on the bike in order to have a good time together on the bike.

4) On of the crazy things that is possible in the Netherlands it is the Option of delivering your baby at home. Sounds crazy and for sure it is not an option for me, but thinking deep about it, it sounds so cool.
Delivering a child while you are in your own bed....hmmm

I can go on and on about being a mother in the Netherlands. Being lebanese and living in the US for almost 10 years, i think i am blessed to have my first baby here and not anywhere else :)

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